• Motorola SB51XX Bridge Cable Modem

Suitable for UnmeteredCable packages up to 20Mbps

An ideal long-lasting cable modem bridge.

– DOCSIS 2.0 Certified ; Motorola Surfboard 5100, 5101, 5102 & 5120
– Compatible with UnmeteredCable Penguin 5 to Turtle 20
– Power : 12V 1A DC ; Hardware Reset Button
– WAN Port : Coax F-Connector
– LAN Port : 1x 10/100 Fast Ethernet (RJ-45)

All UNMETERED.IO provided hardware comes service provider UNLOCKED

Motorola SB51XX Bridge Cable Modem

  • Product Code: SB510X
    Availability: Out Of Stock
  • C$50

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